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I Know Where She Is -SB Caves

I  Know  Where  She  Is   By  SB Caves 

E-book Release Date:  14th  August  2017 

Special price  of  £0.99 
ISBN  978  1  911591  79 5 

Don’t  miss  this  heart-stopping  debut:  an  explosive,  gripping  thriller   for  fans  of  Karin  Slaughter,  Linwood  Barclay  and  Karen  Dionne

On  the  tenth  anniversary  of  her  child's  disappearance,  Francine  receives   an  anonymous  note  containing  just  five  words:   I  KNOW WHERE SHE IS When  a  young  woman  approaches  her  the  next  day  claiming  to  have  sent  the  letter   Francine  wants  to  dismiss  it  as  a  cruel,  twisted  joke.  But  the  stranger  knows  things  that   only  her  daughter  could  know.  It  soon  becomes  clear  that  Francine  will  have  to  go  to   dark  places  in  order  to  learn  the  truth  about  the  kidnapping.   She  will  discover  that  danger  comes  from  unexpected  places.   She  will  do  things  she  never  imagined  herself  capable  of.   But  will  Francine  get  her  daughter  back  –  or  is  it  too  late?  

My Opinion

Fantastic story full of unexpected twists and turns. This was an original storyline for me and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. 

About  the  Author
SB  Caves  is  a  screenwriter  born  and  raised  in  North  London  and  now  working  on  a  second novel,  a  thriller  set  in  the  UK.

For  Press  Enquiries  and  Review  Copies  please  contact  Ellie  Pilcher: | |  @canelo_co

‘Caves leaves me in no doubt that she is an author to be watched. Her writing is dynamic. Her characters are flawed, unpredictable and all too human; her descriptions of the settings so realistic’   Goodreads Reviewer

‘I Know Where She Is was a rip-roaring success from cover to cover’   Blogger ‘For the first time in a while I read a book that I didn’t want to put down’    Netgalley Reviewer

‘I will definitely will be reading more books from S.B Caves’ Blogger ‘A compulsive read that has wonderful plot twists that leaves you breathless’ Netgalley Reviewer

‘A mother is tested to her limits and her reactions are mind blowing’ Netgalley Reviewer

‘I decided to start this last night and finally finished at 3am! I could not put it down’ Netgalley Reviewer

‘This novel starts with a bang and doesn't let up from there’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘One of the best books of it's genre that I have read’ Netgalley Reviewer

‘Definitely one to read if you like thrillers!’ Netgalley Reviewer


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