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The Bomb Girl's Secrets

First from this author for me, however this is the second in a series.  i'm guessing from how much I enjoyed this, that they can be read standalone.  The book follows three ladies who for varying reasons land up working together during WWII.  I don't want to give anything away, but I felt that the characters were well developed and realistic.  Whilst reading the book I felt that I was transported to the 1940's.I would recommend this author and these books to anyone that either likes a saga or historical settings. I will definitely be seeking to read the other in this series and any future books from this author.

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The Wicked Boy - Kate Summerscale

Had this on audiobook. An interesting story of a true story. The scandal of a young boy killing his mother, being admitted to a asylum and then starting a new life in the army and moving to Australia. Fascinating insight to life in Victotian times for both civilians and how prisoners were treated. Then during both wars.Would recommend to anyone who likes history or crime.

The History of Newgate Prison - Caroline Jowett

This is a very enlightening and well researched book. It starts in medieval times and ends with it being pulled down on 1900's. There are articles about famous people, as well as events that occurred whilst developements in inmate treatment and punishments as time went on. The sometimes horrific punishments and sometimes for sins that you would never realise was a crime. I was shocked that debt was an imprisonable crime? This is a fantastic book and would recommend to anyone who either loves history and true crime.

A Room full of Killers - Michael Wood

The first book that I have read by this author, and the third in the series. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and would recommend to others, even if you haven't read them all. A great story with plenty of twists and enjoyable characters.

My First Printed Galley...

I normally have kindle galleys, as this is my preferred reading medium, however occasionally I choose to read an actual book. Will post my opinions when I have read it... Tbc...