Small Change - Keddie Hughes

Small Change by Keddie Hughes

Murder, marital troubles and the murky world of 
football corruption collide into one woman’s life in 
this dramatic new novel, set against political 
upheaval and Sectarianism in Glasgow in 2011. 
Forty-two year old Izzy Campbell wants more to life than husband 
who is over fond of a drink as well as a fanatical Rangers 
supporter. For as long as she can remember she’s always put her 
family’s needs first, but with her son turning eighteen she decides 
it’s time things change. Izzy signs up to volunteer at the Citizen’s 
Advice Bureau and enrols to study for a part time degree in Social 
Sciences, where she meets fellow student and SMP candidate, 
Bridget, who encourages her to start a career for the first time, 
something her husband Jim does not support. Meanwhile, Jim’s 
security company is preparing to make a bid for a contract with his 
beloved Rangers, in spite of the Club’s reportedly murky finances. 
So when Izzy encounters charismatic journalist, Sean Docherty 
who reveals to her that he is investigating alleged financial 
corruption at Rangers, she finds her loyalties torn. However, hoping to protect her husband, and with her interest 
piqued in more ways than one, she finds herself offering to help Sean with his research unaware of his family 
connections to the murder of a young Celtic fan. A murder her husband witnessed.
Growing up in Glasgow, in a staunchly Protestant home, with a Rangers fan for a father, Keddie Hughes is no stranger 
to the blight of Sectarianism which she refers to as ‘Scotland’s secret shame’. However, she’s quick to highlight that her 
story isn’t only about the problems surrounding football. As a self-proclaimed woman entering the ‘third age’ she 
wanted to create an authentic and relatable character in the form of Izzy. Through her main protagonist, Keddie 
acknowledges the struggles that women can often go through —from self-doubt to loneliness and feelings of 
invisibility— when faced with the prospect of their children growing up and moving away. Combining her own 
experiences as a psychologist and executive coach, Keddie hopes that her character’s journey will provide inspiration 
and understanding to others and show them that even small changes can add up to make a big difference in life. 
An engaging and relatable story of one woman’s personal evolution and transformation against a backdrop of social 
and political upheaval in Glasgow, Small Change by Keddie Hughes is the perfect next read for fans of commercial 
fiction with an edge. 

I thought that this was a billiant read, enough to keep me interested but nothing to complicated that I could read in the evenings to relax.

I found the writing style easy to follow and made the book enjoyable, both the plotline ans characters were believable, I would definitely recommend to others.

About the author: Born and raised in Glasgow Keddie Hughes has worked for over thirty years in executive coaching, leadership development, organisation consulting and change management in global organisations such as Vodafone, Ericsson, BP, Mars and British Airways. In 2012 she completed the Faber Academy writing course and later enjoyed writing for eighteen months under the mentorship of poet and author Jill Dawson. Today Keddie lives in Buckinghamshire where she dedicates as much time as she can to writing. Her first novel, An Obstinate Vanity was published in 2016 (CreateSpace). Small Change by Keddie Hughes (published by Spiffing Covers  10th May in paperback and ebook ) is available to purchase from online retailers including Amazon and to order from all good bookstores.

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