CATCHING LOVE WHEN IT FALLS – book description
William and Belinda, both genetically altered, meet years after leaving the government-rearing nursery. Their late development allowed them to escape a life devoted to the government's defence departments. If their skills are now discovered they will be conscripted and never be free again.

William’s talent is to move through space between locations in the blink of an eye. Belinda can lift objects of great weight with her mind. Their relationship creates a raft of problems both struggle to overcome.

‘Catching Love When it Falls’ explores an alternative reality and discovers the one thing neither Belinda nor William can control - love. 

Publishing Schedule:
Love's Bright Star - 19th June
Love's Red Heart - 26th June
A Stellar Affair - 3rd July
Romancing the Memory Collector - 10th July

5 book box set - 7th August


I write futuristic and fantasy fiction, spiced with romance and adventure. This allows my imagination to run free, to create interesting characters caught in unusual circumstances and events. Sometimes I have the pleasure of watching science and technology catch up with my imagination.
I also write Young Adult, short stories and flash fiction; articles on writing and I am published in these genre. I self-published a children’s rhyming book and once won a prize for a short screen script.
I’m a published poet and I endeavour to put my poetry skills into my fiction writing to enhance the word pictures I create.
I live in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand which lives up to its name. I belong to the Romance Writers of N.Z., Tauranga Writers, and Spec.Fic.NZ (speculative fictionNZ).
Ten things people make not know about me.

  1. I’m not as young as I used to be. I’m retired and have the time to write and create futuristic romances.
  2. I also write poetry and have a love of haiku, a short form of Japanese poetry.
  3. I enjoy writing serious and I’m published in these. I’ve even won the occasional short story competition.
  4. I go to Tai Chi at least once a week unless life intervenes, which it sometimes does.
  5. I am the mother of four sons, not one daughter, but I have four wonderful daughters-in-law, which is the very best way to get girls: no rearing involved at all.
  6. I love cats and always have one in my life.
  7. I get seasick and hate being on a swing, so I’m not fond of nautical activities.
  8. I went to Toastmasters once to learn to speak in public – and discovered I didn’t need any training. I can stand at a moment’s notice and speak on any given subject for several minutes.
  9. I trained as a shorthand/typist and can still touch type, which is very handy when the scenes are playing out in my head and all I have to do is type fast enough to keep up with the characters’ dialogue.
  10. I can’t write to a set plan or formula. I get bored, which might explain why I write futuristic and fantasy novels. No restrictions on imagination in these genre.